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Without bees there would be no life on the planet !?

Stingless bees !?

Today we know that the pressure we have generated on our ecosystems, massive deforestation and the use of agrochemicals and pesticides puts at risk the fragile balance of our planet and our food security due to the loss of bees and other pollinators.


In this sense, protecting bees has become an obligated and shared responsibility; But protecting something we don't know becomes even more complex.


That is why we generate experiences and collaborate with people and companies, to learn, surprise ourselves and take individual and collective actions in favor of conservation.


Let's deconstruct everything we think we know about this little flying insect and open our gaze to an unknown world.


Welcome to the fascinating world of bees


Want to share this experience with us ?


We invite you to a guided tour through the fascinating world of bees. Discover the stingless bees and the medicinal properties of their honey, valued by the Mayans since ancient times.

In a multisensory experience, experience the flavors of different varieties of honey, get to know the melipon bees up close; Learn, surprise, and let's reflect together on how we can contribute to the ecosystem to honor the work of all of us who are part of building fair and responsible value chains.


See what our clients are saying


I am still synthesizing this incredible experience. It's once in a lifetime and so very important. Andrea and Rodrigo are passionate and thoughtful and taught the group so much about bees and meliponas, in particular. The curated tasting, the structure of the event, the group dynamic they create, and the location ... everything was done with care. You will leave knowing how to help build a more just and delicious world.


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