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This is our story

"We saw in honey an opportunity to generate fair income for producers, to conserve bees and to change the way we relate to our food"

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*Around Mexico
from 1200.00 purchase.

Isotipo Miel Nativa 4 abejas.png



We can't protect something we don't know

Learning, allows us to take actions for conservation and better decisions when consuming




Your decisions count

The decisions we make have the power to generate fair value chains and help preserve our planet.




We recognize everyone's work

Working under fair trade standards, we honor the work of producers, bees and all those involved in our value chain.



Isotipo Miel Nativa 4 abejas.png


Isotipo Miel Nativa 4 abejas.png


Did you know honey is a

super food?


Honey acts directly on the harmony of our biological balance and contains all the vitamins we need.

Melipona Beecheii honey has been associated with antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, thus providing defenses for cellular functions.

Welcome to the fascinating world of bees!


Did you know that there are +20,000 species of bees in the world?


Melipona Beecheii bees do not sting, they produce between 1 and 2 liters of honey per year, their honey is recognized for its medicinal properties and they have an important relationship with the Mayan culture.




Isotipo Miel Nativa 4 abejas.png


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